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8th Annual Montrose Veterans Home Christmas/Holiday Party


OCNY HOG did not meet the minimum number of guests required for the Christmas Party at Delancey's in Goshen. We are moving the party to Saturday, January 28, 2016 so more members will have an opportunity to plan accordingly and celebrate with their OCNY HOG family. The party will still be held at Delancey's. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and the various date changes!! If you are unable to attend that day and have already paid please get in touch with Goldie and she will give you your check or cash refund. We hope all can still attend and hopefully we will be able to get more of our fellow HOG members to attend also! Any questions please feel free to get in touch with one of the officers. Thank you very much!!!!

Jim Dollaway
OCNY HOG Director

Mark your calendars Christmas is right around the corner. The club party will be held on January 28th 7pm to 11pm. We will be going to Delancey’s Bar and Restaurant, 40 Park Place, Goshen, NY. Cost is $45 a person. We will start with wings and cheese platter. The buffet will include Beef, Chicken and Pasta with potato and mixed veggies. There will be a cash bar.

Goldie will be collecting payment and reservations. You can make reservations and payment on Thursdays at Moroney’s or at the next meeting before the party. Payment can also be mailed to Goldie Ceglio, 1 Wellington Court, Fishkill, NY 12524. Any questions please contact Peter or Chris the activities coordinators.

If you want to pay via PayPal, click below !!
Hope to see you all there.

Club Meetings:


Club Meetings are held at:
Motorcyclepedia Building
250 Lake Street, Newburgh, NY 12550

Motorcycle Museum which contains the largest collection of antique and unique motorcycles, memorabilia and an indoor motordrome in the Hudson Valley !!

** Volunteers Needed ! If interested, see info. Here.

Latest New:


  •  NEW !! The October and November Meeting Minutes have been posted in he Members Only section..

  • The 3rd Quarter Newsletter has been posted in the Members Only section..

  • Assistant Director Rob sent out invitations to all active members to join TeamSnap. Please accept this invitation. It will enable you to receive our weekly text messages keeping you informed of all HOG activities for the week in addition to receiving messages concerning any unforeseen cancellations. We would like to have as many members signed up for this service to improve communications within the club as that has been a suggestion from many of you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of the officers and they will be glad to assist you

  • Thursday Nights at Moroney's - There will be at least one Club Officer at Moroney's every Thursday. Stop by, say hello, get a bite to eat together.. On the third Thursday of the month, join us for food and drinks compliments of MORONEY's ! Great fun with friends..

Ladies of Harley

  • Next Meeting - TBD, 7 - 9 PM @ Melinda's House. (Contact Melinda if you need address and directions)

  • Last Meeting -  June 1st


High Mileage Contest

This year's High Milieage Contest will run from xx/xx/16 - xx/xx/16.  To sign up for this contest, you MUST:

  • Be registered for the National HOG Mileage Program
  • Must have mileage recorded by a Primary Officer or Head Road Captain

Now get out there and Ride !!

Ride Information

  •  ABC's of Touring: This is a great contest by National HOG and one you should consider in your Bike Travels this year. Check the program out at hog.com.

  • To view ride destinations, click Here.

  • All rides leave from Moroney's Parking Lot. The only time that changes is when we ride after our Club Meetings. Then the ride leaves from "The Motorcycle Museum".

  • Make sure you have a FULL tank of gas before we leave.

  • We always have a "pre-ride" meeting. Road Captain positions are announced along with the route.

  • Here are the Start Times of our rides:
    * April / May: Start Time - 10:00 am
    * June - Sept.: Start Time - 09:00 am
    * Oct. / Nov.: Start Time - 10:00 am


Member Information

  • Club Facebook page is Here ! Check it out for events, rides and other Club information.

  • Chapter Pride Patch / Points: What's our "Chapter Pride Patch" ? How do you earn points towards it ? Read all about it HERE and get involved !!!

  • Pay your 2016 Membership dues online, right now, using PayPal !!! . Click Here to begin.
  • REMEMBER TO: When your Contact Information changes (i.e. Email address, Home address, Phone, etc.) you MUST notify the Secretary of this change !! Email address corrections are not being done properly and when sending out the Newsletters and Mail from the Officers, many addresses come back as invalid or non-existent. Updating the "Member Info" in the Members Only section is voluntary and therefore not the correct way to make your changes known to the Officers. So please make sure you let the Secretary know when your contact info. changes. Thank you !!
  • The "Members Only" section is Here. (In this area, you will find the Newsletters, a link to the "Member Listing" and  a "Suggestion Box" !!)
  • The Membership Form has been uploaded. If you need a copy, click Here.

  • Members meet every Thursday night (Rain or Shine) at Moroney's - 6:30 pm for dinner !
  • "The Annual Charter for HOG Chapters" can be viewed Here . The OCNYHOG By-Laws can be viewed Here. Every member should take the time to review these.


Clothing Drive

Clothing Drive for St. Mary's Outreach (Newburgh) - Cleaning out closets and draws of those clothes, shoes and other items you no longer wear? Anyone interested in donating their gently-used clothing items to the St. Mary's Outreach can contact Marietta Allen (weekendmag@earthlink.net) to arrange for drop-off. Food pantry suppporting the needy and the Veteran's of Newburgh.

Mission Statement

"The goal of this local HOG chapter shall be to promote responsible motorcycling activities for the Harley Owners  Group members by conducting chapter activities and encouraging participation in other HOG events.  We would like to increase the level of enthusiasm for riding Harley Davidson motorcycles and create a family oriented atmosphere in which all members regardless of gender, race, age or political affiliation can live the Harley Davidson experience."


Events at a Glance:

  • December 11th - OCNYHOG Meeting at 10:00 AM
  • LOH Meeting - TBD


  • Check Events Calendar Here.

Upcoming Rides:
Rides leave from Moroney's. KSU at 10:00 AM

  • Future Rides - TBD
  • Check the "General Events" page for more rides - click HERE.

View Road Captain Assignments and ride destinations Here.